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What are biorhythms?

Biorhythm charts illustrate the theory that we are influenced by physical, emotional and intellectual cycles. Many people have realised that they can improve the quality of their lives by monitoring the highs and lows of these cycles and acting accordingly. If you already know how biorhythms work then just dive in and enter your details on the right. If not, then please take the time to read the information provided below.


This site allows you to produce your own 28 day biorhythms chart starting from your chosen date. All you have to do is to enter your date of birth in the 'you' section on the home page and make a choice of a three or four line chart. You can also select quick reading which will give you eleven readings for the date selected - (defaulted to the current date but can be changed). The reading or chart will appear here. You can personalise with your name if you wish. We now provide a total of eleven biorhythm types including luck.

We all know how interested people are in celebrities so we have provided lists of well known celebrities to enable you to produce their biorhythm charts. Please see the celebs page for further information.

This biorhythms site also gives you the facility to compare your biorhythms to that of a partner and see how well you are matched physically, emotionally and intellectually. You can also check out the celebrity pages and choose from our lists of celebrities to see how well you match to them or how well they match to each other. It's great fun.

Please note that although you have to enter your date of birth, this information is used only to calculate your biorhythms and nothing else. As soon as you leave the biorhythms site the information is destroyed as the session ends - you can also manually destroy the information by clicking clear on the home page. It is never recorded within any form of database. The same applies if you choose to enter your name. Please refer to the 'Our philosophy' section for further information.

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Reading the charts

The chart plots your biorhythms against a 28 day cycle starting with your chosen chart date. Three coloured lines will appear representing your physical, emotional and intellectual biorhythms. The lines fluctuate between biorhythm readings of +100% and -100%, with the centre line representing zero. So a reading of +100% would give you an edge in that area whereas a reading of -100% would mean you would find things in that area more of a struggle. So your best day possible would be when all readings are at or near to +100% - quite a rare event! Another facet of biorhythms is the situation when a biorhythm reading crosses the zero line and moves either from positive to negative or vice versa. The days in which this happens are referred to by some as 'critical days' as the theory is that your biorhythm in that particular area is in a state of imbalance and transition. So the performance of tasks within the domain of the critical biorhythm may be erratic and prone to error. It is interesting to note that some airlines have required pilots to be aware of their biorhythm critical days to ensure added safety on those days. Please note that we refer to critical days as transition or crossover days within this website.

To get a full written report on your biorhythms for 28 days together with primary and secondary biorhythm charts, click on that option when you have produced your chart. You no longer have to visit a separate page.

So, if you produce your chart for today, your three primary biorhythm readings will be plotted on the leftmost part of the chart. You can then establish where your biorhythms are going to be over the next 28 days by moving towards the right. On the large charts, numbers from 1-28 are provided going through the horizontal axis of the chart and these represent each day in the 28 day cycle from your chosen chart date. Alternatively, just visit the site each day for a new chart.

What about the secondary charts?

Secondary charts provide readings for mastery, passion and wisdom. They are simple composite charts created from the basic three biorhythms. Mastery is the composite of the Intellectual and Physical biorhythm cycles. Passion is the composite of the Physical and Emotional biorhythm cycles. Wisdom is the composite of the Emotional and Intellectual biorhythm cycles.

What about the comparison charts?

The comparison charts produced by us are read in a slightly different way to the individual charts. When conducting a comparison, we look to see how closely two biorhythm cycles match to each other and then plot the results. In practice for a biorhythm that matches 100%, the entire combined biorhythms line will be above the central 'zero' line and conversely for a biorhythm that is a 0% match, the entire combined biorhythms line will be below the central 'zero' line. Amounts between 0% match and 100% match effectively move up and down accordingly. So for a 50% match, the biorhythms curve will be above the zero line half of the time and below the zero line for half of the time. For a 75% match, the biorhythms curve will be above the zero line for 75% of the time and below it for 25% of the time. In this way we calculate compatibility in each of the three main areas of physical, emotional and intellectual biorhythms and also calculate an overall average compatibility figure. If you don't want to read the charts a compatibility percentage is also produced under the chart. Please have a go and see for yourself how it works.

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How to link your website

Unfortunately, due to abuse by some website owners, we no longer provide the automated linking facility we once did. We found the site was being cluttered by web sites just looking for a one way link to boost their web site standing. This is really unfair and not in the spirit of this site or the provision of the facility. We welcome links requests but from now on a request should be directed to us via the contact form. A prerequisite for a successful link request is the existence of a link to this site.

Any questions on linking to the biorhythms site should be made via the contact us form within the 'contact us' page - ensure that 'YES' for a reply is checked.

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How to contact us

To contact us please use the form provided within the 'contact us' page. You need to include your name, email address and comments up to 300 characters. You can also indicate whether you would like a reply from us by checking the button provided to 'YES' - please note that the button is defaulted to 'NO'. This form will then send your comments to us by email - it will not save any information to a database. Your comments and feedback on any part of the biorhythms site are really appreciated, positive or otherwise. Please do not hesitate to make any suggestions - all will be taken on board.

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Our philosophy/terms

Philosophy is perhaps too strong a word but here we go

When writing this site I had a set of clear objectives in mind. My objectives were/are - 1: To build a free site to provide biorhythm readings to any person who wanted them, 2: To provide the site for no charge, 3: To enable other websites to link for free and to have free links back to enhance their users experience, 4: To make the site as easy to use as possible, 5: To make linking to the site as easy as possible, 6: To actively listen to feedback and change the site where possible to inprove it for everybody.

I hope that we are well on the way to achieving the above and that you enjoy using this biorhythms site. Please recommend us if you gain from your use of the biorhythms site

Link checking: Links will be checked after the website has registered to ensure an active link is present. A periodic check will also be made to ensure that our links page is as up to date as possible - any sites not linked or not found will be removed to ensure the best possible experience for our users.

Why don't we require user's to register? We think that requiring a user registration process detracts from the user experience - however, if feedback dictates otherwise we may introduce some form of simple registration, perhaps only to save a particular user's settings or date of birth for example. If you want it, please ask via the contact form.

There are no databases used on this site other than that required for other websites to link to us. No user information is kept beyond the actual usage of the website, so although we require your date of birth, we do not record it but merely use it in real time for your benefit to produce your biorhythm charts. As soon as you leave the biorhythms site, you destroy the information.

We have no terms for the private use of this site. We consider that any images produced by this site are able to be used freely for personal use by the person(s) using the biorhythms site. However, we would stipulate that any information or content from the biorhythms site in whole or in part may not be used for commercial gain of any nature in any form whatsoever without the express permission of the website administrator. If you would like to ask for such permission please do so via the contact us form.

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More information about biorhythms

The theory behind biorhythms began at the start of the 19th century and was derived from observational research.

A professor of psychology at the University of Vienna, one Hermann Swoboda was conducting research into periodic variations of fevers. He collected and collated data on the outbreak of fevers, heart attacks, pain and other illnesses. He discovered that there was a 28 day emotional cycle and a 23 day physical cycle. Almost simultaneously and totally independently, William Fleiss a nose and throat specialist had conducted similar research on the occurrences of fevers, recurrent illness and death. He came to the same conclusion as Swoboda. The intellectual cycle of 33 days was discovered by Alfred Teltsher, a professor of engineering who observed his students' good and bad days and found they followed a 33 day cycle.

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Printing your biorhythms charts

We now offer a printing option via the production on our server of PDFs 'on the fly' which gives a far better printing result than that previously offered. Where a 'print suitable' option is available it will be offered on the page. In fact I am expanding this section on an ongoing basis with the aim of offering print options for presentation and perhaps for homemade items such as birthday cards - all freee of course - just keep an eye on the site for updates as and when they are written.

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Please receive our best wishes and our sincere hope that this site may help to make your life that little bit better.